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How To Bring The Outside In: 10 Beautiful Ways To Incorporate Nature Into Your Home For Zen Living

Posted by James Arnold on

Interior design has been commonly inspired by free-flowing, organic forms of the natural world. With most furniture reflecting natural resources such as mahogany and oak, interior design is usually ahead when it comes to incorporating nature into your home in 2022.

Photo by Prasanth Inturi from Pexels

Current trends include natural woods, butterflies, house plants and earthy hues. This means that nature is, and most likely always will be, a trending concept for interior design, which tells us that people are always finding ways to get back into nature, including their interior homes. 

This post aims to examine top trends, discuss positive effects that nature brings on mental health, well-being, and productivity and list these trends and effects into a non-specific order. 

Why Incorporating Nature In Your Home Provides Positive Effects On Your Mental Health

In recent years, extensive research by big names such as NASA has revealed that houseplants can provide an overall pleasant experience (removing up to 87% of air toxins in the air on a daily basis), but that simply is just the tip of the iceberg when incorporating a nature-themed interior design as many more articles and research online has determined the wondrous benefits of applying nature into your home. As we move outside of COVID-19 norms in 2022, the experiences we receive in our homes is more prevalent than ever.

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava from Pexels

This is especially true in the past year or so when the pandemic hit globally, making people more likely to spend more time indoors (even after restrictions were lifted!). 

Being in nature decreases the manifestation of negative emotions such as stress and anxiety. There’s something about being outdoors in the natural world that seems to accentuate positive feelings such as happiness and calmness, and in one experiment conducted in Japan a few years ago, those exposed to nature had significantly lower heart rates than those in urban settings

Because of this, we have found 15 beautiful ways of incorporating nature into your home - in accordance with the recent trends in 2021, going into the predicted trends into 2022.



2021 interior design trends was particularly defined as influenced by the culture and current events that happened within that year. The central idea that encompassed the interior design trends ranged from modern to traditional interior design acquired from around the world. Using this notion, we have identified five of the most effective ways you can apply nature into your home.

Warm Colours To Reflect Summer

Colors are an important factor when deciding your ideal interior design, and there’s nothing more effective than incorporating warm colours to reflect the natural colour of calmness and nature. In 2021, warm colors made a significant comeback which identified its colour scheme as a popular trend for the year.

Photo by MarcTutorials from Pexels

So, if you want to implement a natural variety for your interiors, consider applying warm colours for your home. Warm colours can include variations of reds, oranges and yellows.

Acquire Natural Furniture

Natural furniture is a given for transforming the interior of your home into a nature-based living space. The most recent trend captured in 2021 seem to integrate natural wood in almost every aspect of people’s homes, from countertops to accented furniture decor. This is quite an easy concept to put into your home, you simply need to swap any modern furniture you have with wood-based furniture, which is usually available online.

Photo by Tan Danh from Pexels

Flexible Spaces 

Reflect the natural outdoors by creating flexible spaces available for sitting areas, dining areas, meeting rooms and so much more. Multi-functional spaces allow home or flat-owners to take advantage of the spaces they own in their living space. This is especially effective for studio apartments that have smaller spaces. 

Sustainable Design 

We live in a world where the environment is always considered in almost every industry known worldwide. This is significantly true for interior design, and eco-conscious styles have made their way into 2021’s interior design trends. 

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Applying eco-friendly furniture can be difficult when you don’t know where to start. You often find certain materials that are more environmentally friendly than others such as bamboo floors (often kinder to use for the environment than hardwood floors). We highly recommend just researching eco-friendly furniture and interior styles to get yourself started. 

Wicker Furniture

Add a natural element to your indoors by adding more wicker furniture. Wicker furniture fills the role of lightweight, affordable and aesthetically natural furniture for any and every interior design. Due to their beneficial properties, it is no question as to why these were trending in 2021. 

Photo by Rachel Claire from Pexels



Compared to 2021, trends predicted in 2022 are more vast and varied. With some new colors made into the mix, new textures and materials to combine with new moods and themes manifested in 2022. Because most people are now more comfortable leaving their homes, interior design is predicted to show more consistency towards travel and outdoor features, ranging from forest-like furniture to country-based themes. 

Corked Floors

Corked floors have thermal properties that are natural to their form, and is commonly good for maintaining natural heat insulation. 

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

While presenting a beautiful and cheaper floor for your home, a corked floor also applies natural heat which wins points for its eco-friendliness and source of sustainability. 

Travel-inspired Motifs

Photo by Gabriela Palai from Pexels

It can be tempting to take a trip around the world, and most (if not, all) people are always eager to travel around the globe. With various items that take inspiration from other countries (such as beautiful Itlaian flower fields implemented into artwork, or woven baskets from Zimbabwe) can provide a sense of escapism from modern-day into a natural-looking environment influenced by other countries.

Red Earth Ceramics

Photo by Los Muertos Crew from Pexels

Red earth ceramics provide a sense of warmth into your home that is mostly visual, rather than natural like corked floors would commonly deliver. Often red or brown ceramics are associated with coarse pottery, and the inclusion of earthy vases and pottery altogether compile into a stylistic edge that creates an avant-garde look. 

Wavy Wood Furniture

Photo by FWStudio from Pexels

2022 is the year of mixing both modern and nature with furniture such as wavy wood tables. This is a relatively new wave that aims to replace the straight-edged wooden furniture options to provide a more stylistic approach to the house essentials. The curves and colors are supposed to add a dash of life into your space. 

Cocooning Furniture  

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Want to incorporate calm and relaxation into your home? Cocooning furniture should be on your list  choices. Homely and comfortable seating with a slight tone of naturality creates what the Danes call the “hygge” concept, and is a key theme that highlights comfort, warmth and pleasure. 

Cocooning furniture is a perfect example of implementing hygge into your home. 

We're halfway through 2022 now, so what do you think 2023's trends will be?

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