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Upselling For Photographers

Posted by Alex Budgen on

Professional Photography is a difficult business. Creating photography is one thing, but selling photography is a different job entirely. In fact, many photographers believe producing art and photography is an easy part of the job when compared to selling. We’ve found this is mainly down to the passion for what they do. When we’re passionate about something, it seems easy. When we’re passionate about our work it doesn’t feel like work. This is why photographers are lucky in the sense they get to do what they are passionate about as a career.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to become passionate about selling in order to sell. Simply changing your approach, by showing customers of your passion for photography can be enough to sell.

Show a Passion for Photography

Showing customers of your passion for your work is an effective selling technique. From a customer’s point of view, it comes across as genuine. This can convince customers that you are more interested in their needs, rather than taking their money. If you are in a position where you communicate with your clients, rather just another salesperson, this can be used to your advantage.

There are a number of ways a photographer can let their passion and knowledge of photography do their selling. Simply talking to a client and showing genuine interest in them and their photography needs goes a long way. Listening to what they want and offering helpful advice and guidance through the process will help them to feel comfortable.

If they are after a certain product or service, then introducing them to similar, relevant services without being pushy can be effective. This way, you are showing clients of your knowledge and investment in your work, as well as them.

Going out of your way for clients is also effective when selling photography. This can be done through the service as well as the products you offer. Photography is a unique product as it is art. It is possible to tailor your products and service to your clients’ needs. Offering a bespoke service to suit your clients and your photography, means you will create a unique product, which clients will struggle to find anywhere else. Whether it’s handmade framing, album or crafted photobook, offering your clients a tailored, bespoke service will help them to feel valued. 

Resonate with the client’s needs

For many of your clients, the photography they request will be special to them. Whether it is photography for a wedding, a piece to be hung in the home or a gift for somebody else, your photography can have sentimental value to your clients. If you can resonate with this by showing genuine interest and enthusiasm in customers, your photography will be hard to resist.

If a client wishes to hire a wedding photographer for one of the most important days in their life, they need a person they can trust. Wedding photographers have an important role to play on the day, rather than just taking pictures. In order to take high-quality wedding photographs, guests must feel relaxed and comfortable. This requires a friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic photographer, who is confident enough to get guests together for a photograph, often in fun, imaginative arrangements. Wedding photographers also act as a facilitator of the day, so clients want someone they like and trust. It is a big decision for clients, so showing you understand how important their big day is could make their choice easier. 

Human element

Adding a personal touch to your selling technique is also effective. Simply talking to clients about them and the photography they are after can help them feel more comfortable and trustworthy towards you.

If clients aren’t familiar with photography, then some helpful and friendly guidance is useful. Some salespeople may jump at the chance of a customer unfamiliar with a product, seeing it as an opportunity to take advantage by tricking them into a purchase.

However, an aggressive sales approach will only make the client sceptical. If they are unfamiliar with photography and unsure of what they want, then guiding them through the process and showing them alternatives and different options will show them you are trustworthy and patient.

When selling photography, it is important to consider the customer’s needs. Photography is often sentimental. It is likely the purchase will be special to the customer, whether it is to serve as a visual reminder of a special time, or as a gift to a loved one. Concentrating on what the client wants by offering genuine, helpful advice and guidance is a more subtle and effective sales technique than forcing a sale upon the customer.

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