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A4 Double Certificate Frame

Our A4 Double Certificate frames can be used as a dual document frame to secure two diplomas. This is ideal for those who have completed both a bachelor’s and master’s degree. Attaining two degrees is an incredible achievement that should be proudly and prominently displayed. Our frames will showcase your industry expertise while serving to remind you of your hard work and accomplishments whilst also inspiring confidence in your customers, clients, and patients.

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Some pairings are just meant to be. Our double frames lend an air of sophistication to your hard-earned degrees. They allow for a compact and professional presentation of your important credentials, ensuring your certificates will remain in perfect condition for a lifetime.

Our beautifully handcrafted, custom-made graduation frames boast clean lines with understated elegance. Our frames are crafted with the finest hardwood and boast a thickness of 20mm, ensuring the focus remains on the certificates. They come complete with a sturdy hardboard backing and real picture glass. Our range of classic styles and colours ensure your frame will blend seamlessly with all interiors and suit changing trends for years to come.

Our increasingly popular multi-aperture frames also make excellent graduation gifts. After saying their farewells at the ceremony, it may be a long time before your graduate sees their friends or family again. Help preserve their memory by gifting them with a sentiment that will last a lifetime.

Cherish your Memories and Achievements in Style

Frame memorable moments in style with our wide range of bespoke frames. Whether you crave Scandinavian saturation, modern minimalism or neutral earthy hues, we have something for you.

Our Mahogany and Gold Double Certificate Frame is the ultimate emblem of class and luxury - perfect for those with refined tastes craving both traditional and modern design.  The balanced implementation of the gold’s metallic sheen and mahogany’s natural aesthetic will be the hallmark of any space boasting a classic yet stylish aesthetic. Bring special warmth and comfort to your interior with this stunning mixed finish.

Dress your office in contemporary glamour with our Black Double Certificate Frames. This versatile and classic frame is a timeless yet trendy way to add dimension and modern edge to any space. Give your work environment an opulent lift by encompassing the frame’s bold and dramatic hues.

Keep your certificates safe and showcase your achievements in style. Browse our vast collection now.



Can I insert anything other than a diploma into your double certificate frame?

Yes. You may also wish to insert a graduation photo alongside your certificate. Please note, however, that our frames are sized specifically for UK degree certificates. You will, therefore, need to ensure that your photograph fits within these dimensions.

What are the benefits of real picture glass?

Unlike acrylic and standard glass, picture glass features UV-protective coatings, preserving and protecting the documents contained within for a lifetime. Picture glass is also far less inclined to attract scuffs and scratches due to its durable and resilient nature.