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Certificate Frames

Regardless of whether you are working from home or venturing out into the office, creating a professional work environment that is both suitable and welcoming for you and your clients is essential. Decorating your office with university diplomas, business licenses and professional awards enhances your work environment’s professional atmosphere. This personal touch is an excellent reminder of your hard work and success. Commemorate your milestones and transform your hard-earned achievements into a proud and beautiful display by decorating your office with our handcrafted certificate frames.


Each one of our frames is tailored to the dimensions of your certificate and is handcrafted using pinewood, boasting premium quality craftsmanship. Take pride in your achievement by preserving and protecting your testamur with our contemporary styles available in a variety of classic colours.

Commemorate your Milestone

Framed certificates are an excellent reminder of hard-earned achievements. They are a promise to commitment, dedication, personal and professional development and are an excellent way to showcase qualifications and expertise to both existing, and potentially new customers, clients, and patients. Some licenced and certified professionals are even required by law to have their certificates on display, reinforcing their power and authority.

Here at Beaver Frames, we believe impressive achievements deserve premium quality materials and the absolute highest standard of craftsmanship. Our handcrafted elegant frames allow you to enhance your credibility whilst proudly and professionally displaying your hard work for the world to see.

Preserve and Protect your Achievement

Professional certificates are one of the most valuable and important documents you will ever own. However, they can lose their colour over time due to environmental factors such as sun exposure. The best way to preserve your achievement is, therefore, to secure it inside a high-quality frame. Our professional-quality framing will afford your certificate the highest level of protection against damage, whilst maintaining your document’s appearance for years to come. 

Encase your Life’s Work in a Variety of Styles

Regardless of your taste or style, Beaver Frames offers a wide variety of refined, sophisticated frames waiting to complete your sacred space. Browse our bespoke collection below.

Preferred for its unique beauty and subtle elegance, our Classic Gold Certificate A4 Frame boasts success, achievement and self-confidence. Its slender gold accents are perfect for strong, decisive people who desire to dress their office with elegant and prestigious trims.

For thought out décor with style, grant your space a touch of contemporary class with our Classic Mahogany and Gold A4 Certificate frame’s metallic lustre. Finished with a strike of gold, the frame’s trim elevates the architectural details of the mahogany wenge’s dark, rich and deep tones. Sophisticate your space with the harmonious classical style of this elegant colour combination.

Elevate your work environment with an aesthetic that’s bold, sophisticated, and sure to make a dramatic statement. Both stark and futuristic, the Classic Black Wooden A4 Certificate Frames artificial darkening suits almost any interior trend. Add a flair of luxury with a strong dose of minimalism to your space now.

Set the stage for success and invest in lifelong framing. Purchase a beautifully handcrafted, custom-designed frame for your professional certificate now.



Framing your certificate showcases your admirable achievements whilst also protecting and preserving it from inevitable damage. Framing will work to safeguard your certificate from UV rays and general wear and tear including folds, creases, and cracked edges.
Our A4 Certificate Frames are available in a range of modern and classic colours fit for any interior. Our palette includes black, silver, brown, white, shabby chic and also our highly popular Solid Oak.
Stylish and durable, our sophisticated frames feature real picture glass and hardware for both hanging on the wall and mounting. Our standard frames can be hung in either portrait or landscape mode.

At Beaver Frames, we guarantee exceptional service from the point of purchase right through to after-sales. If you have any questions about any of our products or services or would simply like some help with choosing the perfect frame, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable and professional team who will be more than happy to assist you. 

Please note that we will dispatch your order 1-2 days after your purchase.  Once your frame has been dispatched, we will notify you of its shipment via email. All frames are sent by couriers who specialise in transporting fragile glass, ensuring the safety of your frame. We offer free delivery to UK Mainland destinations (excluding the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland) on orders over £50.00.