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Frequently Asked Questions



Do you only make frames for standard photos?

Our range of frames are mostly designed to accommodate standard sizes of photos and certificates, although some of our studio frames accept non-standard size photos.

Are my photos a standard size?

The photographic industry has a series of standard sizes for printing photos.  If you have used a high street store or online site to print your photos it is most likely that they are printed to a standard size.

How do I check what size my photos are?

Below is a list of standard size photos that our frames can accommodate and their measurements in both imperial and metric.

4x4inches (101x101mm)

5x5inches (127x127mm)

6x4inches (152x101mm)

7x5inches (178x127mm)

8x6inches (203x152mm)

10x8inches (254x203mm)

12x8inches (305x203mm)

9x6inches (229x152mm)

7.5x5inches (191x127mm)

10x7inches (254x178mm)

My photo size is not available on your website.  What should I do?

All of our frames are manufactured by our skilled staff here at our premises in the UK, so if your photo size isn't catered for then there is a good chance we can make a bespoke frame to fit.  Prices for our bespoke frames are higher due to the manufacturing processes we use.

What size is my certificate?

We make frames for three of the most commonly available certificate sizes, so before you order make sure you have measured your certificate.

A4 Certificates - 210x297mm / 8.26x11.69in

US Certificates - 216x279mm / 8.5x11in

A3 Certificates - 297x420mm / 11.69x16.52in

I can't find the photo combination I'm looking for?

We welcome any feedback on our site, so if you can't find the combination of photos you require, please let us know.

In some circumstances we may introduce your combination into our range.  Alternatively we can make a bespoke frame just for you.

Do all of your frames come with real glass?

Yes they do.  Real glass offers much better clarity than styrene or acrylic and does not discolour over time.  Most styrene or acrylic has a shelf life of just 10 years, whereas glass will never discolour.

Does the glass you use offer any UV protection?

We use standard 2mm glass in all of our frames.  This does NOT offer any UV protection.  If you have a specific requirement for UV protection please contact our office who can happily assist you in selecting UV protective glass to use with our products.

Is your glass non-reflective?

No it's not.  Standard glass does not reduce any reflections.  Again, please contact our office who can happily assist you in selecting non-reflective glass to use with our products.

Why are your frames any different to anyone else's?

This is a BIG question but quite simply answered by the quality of the build and the service behind every order.

Our frames are hand made by professionals who care for every detail in the manufacturing process and our customer service team care for the finer points of every order.

Quite simply, we brand our frames as Frames for Life, because that's exactly what they are.

What hanging fixtures come with your frames?

Each of our frames are supplied with d-rings and screws which affix to the back of the frame.  We do NOT supply any fixings for the wall with our frames as different wall types require different fixings.

What fixings do I need for the wall?

All wall types are different, so if you are unsure of what type of wall fixings you require, please consult a professional for advice.

Do all your frames have to be hung on the wall?

Our smaller frames are supplied with a desktop stand as well as hanging fixtures.  Currently our largest frame that has a desktop stand is 12x10inches.  Please check the individual product for details of desktop stands.

Whats the difference between a landscape and portrait frame?

A landscape frame is also referred to as a horizontal frame because it is wider than it is taller.

A portrait frame is also referred to as an upright frame because it is taller than it is wider.

The product picture shows the frame as horizontal but I want to use it as an upright frame.  Can I still use your frame?

All of our frames are supplied with locator holes for both portrait and landscape use.  When you receive your frame, simply affix the d-rings with the supplied screws in the correct holes for the way you wish to use your frame.

Can you print my photos for me?

Yes we can, but our website is currently designed so that you can only upload a photo for single aperture frames.  If you would like us to print photos for a multi-aperture frames please contact our customer services who can guide your through the process.

I've measured my photos wrong and they don't fit.  What can I do?

Rather than returning the frame, we may be able to cut another mount that will fit right into the frame you've bought.  Please contact our customer services who will be able to advise you on what best to do.

If we haven't answered your question here, please contact our customer service team on 01787 272591 or email who will be happy to help.