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Custom Size Frames

Request a quote for a custom size frame to be made in a frame of your choice

Custom Photo Frames 

We want to deliver the best service for photo frames available, which is why we proudly offer custom photo frames for unique photos and posters. Our custom photo framing service 

Looking for a photo frame to protect and showcase your special artwork or photograph? We can create the perfect custom frame, made especially for you to fit your chosen piece.


Customize Your Photo Frames With Beaver Frames! 

Not only can you specifically choose the correct size of your frame, you can also choose the ideal colour to help your piece or photograph stand out in your home. Our elegant, handcrafted wooden frames can be made black, white, silver, gold, mahogany, grey, and more. Our classic solid oak frames are also popular. Whichever colour you choose, the frame can be made to order to a custom size that suits you.

You will not only have a fantastic wide range of stylish wooden frames to choose from, but you will also benefit from the high quality as all of our frames are made with real picture glass. This will help to protect your photos against dirt and stains and will keep them in good condition for many years to come. Whether you’re looking to fit a frame for your graduation certificate into your home or make your degree certificate frame pop, our custom framing services will be perfect for you.


We Can Make Our Photo Frames Fit Any Photo 

We truly understand the importance of having the perfect frame to capture and display your special memories, or favourite art piece. All of our photo frames are manufactured by our skilled staff who would be more than happy to create a custom size photo frame, especially for you.

As well as supplying a variety of customisable sizes, we also make frames in a variety of shapes. Square photo frames are particularly popular for those wanting to create a gallery feature wall. Square photo frames are also perfect for displaying vinyl, as well as multi-aperture frames

We can also create custom multi-aperture frames for you to display multiple photographs together in one large frame. This is a beautiful way to showcase an array of beloved moments or snapshots of your favourite holiday adventure. These also make the perfect sentimental gift for a loved one.

Our custom made frames are processed by our workshop differently, so the prices differ from our regular frames. Do be sure to check our extensive range of ready-made sizes before deciding to have a frame custom made. Browse our photo frames in the UK to see what we have to offer!

Custom Photo Frames at an Affordable Price in the UK 

Due to the fragile nature of our frames, we only ship to UK mainland destinations (excluding the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland), but our prices can’t be beat. Please also note that unfortunately, we restrict the maximum size of a custom frame so that they fit within our specialised packaging which makes transportation much safer and easier. 

When requesting a quote, the size of the photo or artwork including a photo frame mount (if required) must fit into either of the sizes below.

  • 567 x 430mm
  • 826 x 336mm

Simply complete your details below and we'll email you back within 1-2 business days with a quote.

Do you have any questions on any aspect of our product and/or service? Our experienced and knowledgeable team are just an email or phone call away, ready to answer any queries you might have relating to our product or service.

Call us on 01787 272591 or email or send us a message directly on our website 



How do I measure for a custom photo frame? 

Ordering a custom photo frame here at Beaver Frames couldn’t be any easier. Simply measure the length and width of your chosen piece. Enter these measurements into our form and let us know if you’d like a mount. We will do the rest! If you are unsure about the sizing you are after, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help.

Should a picture have a mount? 

A mount creates a visual space between the subject matter and the frame, which helps to make your art or photograph stand out on the wall. A mount also prevents the framed piece from touching the glass. However, the mount is not essential and it usually comes down to preference.

Why are real glass photo frames better? 

Real glass makes photo frames much higher quality and offers much better clarity than styrene or acrylic. Most styrene or acrylic photo frames have a shelf life of just 10 years, whereas real glass will never discolour. If you are looking to protect and showcase your art in the way it deserves, we highly recommend opting for real picture glass frames.